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Weddings at First

For human beings, faithfulness and love need not go together.  In God the two are joined, and it is in God's steadfast love that we seek to root our covenant of fidelity as well as our emotions of love.  In the flux of experience, one thing holds true ~ the vows of fidelity grounded in the love of God which abides forever.

Thus it is not the pastor who performs the marriage but the wedding couple.  Both church and state have an interest in marriage, and marriage is done in the presence of a representative of one or the other.   But the marriage is concluded by the two partners.  The couple marry each other, and the minister is the principal witness to their action.  If the marriage is at its heart basically an exchange of vows of faithfulness and commitment, this is something that the minister cannot do for someone else.  Nonetheless, the couple is not left on their own to fulfill the promises, for God’s blessing and support are asked.

  • Do I have to be a member of First?
    No, you do not have to be a member. We are delighted that you want to celebrate your marriage in a sacred space.
  • Does First Lutheran’s minister have to officiate the ceremony?
    If you do not have an officiant First Lutheran’s pastor is more than happy to officiate your ceremony. If you have a personal connection with someone who is a licensed officiant, they are welcome and encouraged to lead your ceremony.
  • Does First Lutheran have a musician who can play for our wedding?
    First Lutheran Worship Arts Director can be available to play for your ceremony. He is also able to put you in touch with many additional musicians, such as brass and string instrumentalists. You are also welcome to invite in your own musicians. We have a piano that is available for use.
  • Does First Lutheran allow same gender weddings?
    Yes, we do. All people are welcome to be married at First Lutheran.
  • Is there parking at First?
    First Lutheran does not have parking. Washington Park Garage and some surface lots provide off street parking within several blocks. Metered street parking is also available. The Washington Park Streetcar Platform is directly in front of the church and provides another transportation option. Rideshare services can easily drop off and pick up guests in front of First’s main entrance on Race Street.
  • Is First Lutheran Handicap Accessible?
    First Lutheran is not handicap accessible. We do have a stair glide which provides service to the main level. Wedding guests need to be able to climb two steps and transfer into the glide chair.
  • Is there place for the wedding parties to get ready on the wedding day?
    Yes, we have a wedding party suite (includes bathroom) on the Lower Level. An additional wedding party room is on the Main Level. It includes a sink and it is near a restroom.
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