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The 6-second Read

Without exception, we wholeheartedly invite all to fully participate in worship at First Lutheran Church.  Walk, ride your bike (bike rack in front of the church), take the street car (get off at the Washington Park stop), ride share, or park your car and come on in.  Worship is on Sundays at 10 am.

The 96-second Read

I’m driving.  Where should I park?

Free, on-street parking is available in Over-the-Rhine until 2 pm on Sundays.  Paid parking is available in the Washington Park Garage.  Additional information about parking is available on our Directions and Parking page.    


I’m at the front door of FLC.  What now?

Come on in!  Sidewalk greeters or doorway greeters (think winter) will welcome you, give you a worship bulletin, and point you toward the sanctuary.  Take a seat and take a breath.  You’re in good company.  The faithful have been worshiping in this sacred space for over 125 years.  If you’re late that’s just fine.  Many of us trickle in as the worship hour progresses. 


How long does your worship last?  

60-75 minutes. 


What’s the worship service like?

First, let’s be clear: we’re glad you’re here and, without exception, we invite you to fully participate in the worship service.  Follow along in the worship bulletin and it’ll be smooth sailing.  Join us for Holy Communion.  Sing.  We like singing.  Encourage your kids to participate in the children’s message. 


We use the Lutheran liturgy in its various configurations.  Here are a few of the major things we do in worship.  We confess our sins and God forgives us.  We sing songs (old and new).  Musicians lead and accompany our singing.  A pastor or lay person offers a message for children.  A lay reader reads from the Bible.  A pastor preaches a sermon.  A lay leader leads us in prayer for each other, the world, and all creation.  We share the Peace of Christ with one another.  We receive Holy Communion.  We are blessed and sent go in peace and share the love of God. 


Am I really invited to receive Holy Communion?

Yes.  Did we say yes?  Yes.  We practice hospitality and offer an open table.  Without exception we invite all to the table to receive the bread and wine, which for us is the body and blood of Christ.  In addition to bread and wine, we also make available gluten-free wafers and grape juice.


My kids get squirmy.  Is there a place for them to go?

Jesus welcomed the little children and so do we.  There are two options.  In the sanctuary there is an area called the “Prayground."  It has rocking chairs, books, and soft toys.  There is also a Nursery.  It has art supplies, toys, and all sorts of interesting things to keep your child occupied.  A livestream of the worship service plays on the Nursery monitor, so you’ll know what’s going on in the sanctuary. 


Worship is over.  Now what do I do? 

Join us in the Community Room for refreshments and conversation.  This isn’t a high-pressure environment.  We enjoy each other and we like making our guests feel at home.  So, go ahead, grab a juice box or a cup of coffee.  Have some cookies or Rice Krispy Treats.  When you’re ready to go we’ll wish you the best and hope to see you again. 


I like FLC.  I’d like to get more involved.  What do I do?

We’re thrilled to hear it.  Fill out our Connect Card. There's also a QR code for it in our worship bulletin.  Or talk to one of the people who look like they know what they're doing.   We will soon be in touch with you for more conversation.  

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