First English Evangelical Lutheran Church started in 1842 with a handful of people gathering to worship in Over-the-Rhine. That original group of folks, mostly European immigrants, had a bold dream. They wanted to plant an English-speaking, gospel-centered community in the heart of Cincinnati. They wanted a church, not just for themselves, but a church for the whole neighborhood.

Over 170+ years later, that dream continues to unfold. FLC has seen a lot of change over the decades, but has always placed God’s mission first as it has faithfully matured disciples and lived out of a place of redeeming grace.

We are a beautiful collection of people from all corners of the city. We are single, married, widowed, and divorced. We are day laborers, artists, construction workers, professionals, unemployed, children of all ages, and stay-at- home parents. Above all, we are all beggars needing the love and grace of God found in Jesus.

Known as “OTR” for short, our neighborhood is believed to be the largest, most intact urban historic district in the United States. Largely settled by German immigrants in the 19th century, our neighborhood is home to some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. OTR is filled with people from all walks of life; from the homeless to the upwardly mobile, our corner of the city continues to be a center of culture and diversity. OTR could also be called Cincinnati’s arts district with its many theaters, schools, and galleries.